Roswell Internal Medicine Specialists
        The Executive Physical

Good health doesn’t happen by chance.  It is a process of maintenance and listening to the body’s needs.  The Executive Physical is an examination and lifestyle plan that addresses all the dimensions of wellness that lead to longevity and better quality of life.   Dr. Zurinaga makes a health assessment of the whole person including a complete physical exam, cardiac stress tests, blood and urine analysis along with a diet and exercise evaluation.  He then crafts a personalized health plan aimed at an energized, more productive you.    

Dr. Zurinaga has performed Corporate Physicals with the Kimberly-Clark Company in Roswell.  Their employee wellness program has nationwide recognition as one of the most progressive in the industry.  Incorporating the principles he has garnered at K.C. along with his research into longevity and evidence based medicine, Dr. Zurinaga has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of wellness.

Preparation for The Executive Physical

The Executive Physical begins 4-5 days before the exam itself.  Patients will come into the office for a fasting blood and urine analysis.  Tests will include a complete metabolic panel, complete blood counts, lipid/cholesterol panel, prostate specific antigen count (for men over 50) , glucose levels and thyroid function test.  Also available is the latest cholesterol profiling (NMR Lipoanalysis)  that measures HDL/LDL particle size and quantity.   Recent studies have shown that lipoprotein size and quantity are adversely associated with cardiovascular complications and reduced life expectancy. This test is also known as an “MRI of the blood”.

The patient will then receive questionnaires to complete for the day of the examination which include health history, family history, diet record and questions about exercise and stress management.  This will give the doctor a full picture of the patient’s present lifestyle and habits.   

The Executive Physical Exam

The Executive Physical Exam includes the physical examination, a complete review of organ systems, health history, laboratory results and analysis of risk factors.  Using this data, Dr. Zurinaga will make recommendations as to any need for lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, nutritional supplements or medications. 

Evaluation of cardiac function will be accomplished through functional stress testing with aerobic performance measurements.  Stress testing is the best screening tool for silent cardiovascular disease. During this test, overall aerobic fitness condition will be assessed through the metabolic markers of oxygen consumption (VO2) and METS.  Also available are cardiac CT scans of the coronary arteries which measure calcium deposits of the blood vessels.   

The final portion of the Executive Physical is the fitness evaluation.  Under the supervision of Dr. Zurinaga, our ACE qualified trainer will measure your body fat, flexibility and strength levels.  Using the latest principles from national corporate wellness programs, we prepare an exercise and stress management program to increase your productivity while maintaining personal balance.