Stress Testing

Cardiac Stress Testing

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of mortality in the United States. Sometimes it can be present without symptoms. However, with early diagnosis it can be prevented . Cardiac stress testing assesses how the heart performs under exercise induced stress. It is one of the best preventative tools doctors have to test heart health and is a must for people with multiple risk factors.

What are the multiple risk factors for a heart attack or cardiac event?

Risk factors include patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, family history of cardiovascular disease, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle and age (men over 55, women over 65).

What is the test like?

Dr. Zurinaga will refer patients to a cardiologist for the test. The test basically consists of a brief exercise where heart performance will be measured through EKG, blood pressure monitoring and physiological testing.

The total amount of time to complete the test is about 45- 60 minutes and you will know your results before leaving the office.

How should I prepare for the tests?

  • Wear comfortable shoes that will work well while riding a bike.
  • Dress comfortably- 10 EKG stickers will be placed on your chest.
  • Do NOT drink caffeine within 4 hours of the test.
  • Do not smoke within 4 hours of the test
  • Do not take inhaled breathing medications (inhalers) within 6 hours of the test (unless this would cause hardship in your breathing, then proceed as prescribed by your physician).
  • Take all other medications as prescribed, unless you are specifically instructed not to do so by your physician.
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